Massages that leaves your problems solved

Did you know that apart from being a solution to many types of sickness, massage is also a stress reducing agent? Well, if you didn’t know, you now know. All that you need to do is to try and find out on your own. In fact, research has shown that a single massage can significantly reduce heart rate, insulin levels, and cortisol. All of these ensure that you are totally relaxed and stress-free. We are going to explore some of the therapeutic massage treatments that you will find in Swansea city.

Deep tissue massage

This is a type of massage that has been proved to significantly reduce people’s blood pressure. Like the name suggests, deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, fascia and tendons. This type of massage is resembles Swedish massage, the only difference is on deepness.

Sports massage

Sports massage basically targets every kind of athletes from weekend joggers to world class professionals. This type of massage focuses on areas of the body that are often overused and stressed during repetitive and aggressive moments. It actually makes training experiences to be joyful and brings desirable results.

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point massage is designed to stop the sources of pain from causing more and continuous pain to a person through a cycle of pressure and release. In this type of massage, the recipient is required to go through deep breathing and also be in a position to tell which part of his/her body that causes discomfort.

Hot stone massage

Like the name suggests, this type of massage includes having some special heated stones placed on specific points of the body so as to warm and loosen tight muscles. This helps reduce muscle tension and ends stress.

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