Process and benefit of different beauty therapy treatments

The world has undergone change and large advancements in different fields. An area which has benefited from this is therapy treatment. Various types of treatments are available to people in several spas. Below we shall discuss different types of treatments such as; Reflexology, Eyebrows, wax and massage just to name a few.

1. Massage

This is particularly beneficial for relieving aches and pains in the body in areas such as the back and shoulders. Massages involve the manipulating of soft tissues and muscles through touch. Normally, hands and sometimes feet are mainly used. Although machines and special hot stones can also be incorporated. Be sure to use someone who is professionally trained from a respectable massage courses in Perth.

2. Waxing

An alternative to traditional hair removal is Waxing. Very quick and efficient, it involves the semi-permanent removal of root hairs by applying a wax to the body and placing a strip which is then pulled to remove any unwanted hair.

3. Eyebrows

This treatment has gathered a substantial amount of momentum. This involves the trimming/shaping of the eyebrows using tweezers, wax or threading. This helps in appearance as well as removing excess hair from the face.

4. Reflexology

This is similar to acupuncture in that it involves applying specific amounts of pressure to certain areas and points. This is believed to help the body’s natural systems and improve organ function.

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